Advice for How to Sell a Classic Car

Have a classic car you want to sell? Even for experienced collectors, selling a vehicle can present challenges. With online car shopping, competition is tough and finding the right buyer is often too difficult. At Cars Dawydiak, we have the tools to help. Trust our connections and years of experience selling high-quality used vehicles. Our network of buyers will get your car sold fast and for a great price. Continue reading for more tips and advice for how to sell a classic car.

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How to Sell a Classic Car

No matter how you want to sell your car, it is important to use all the resources available to you. Understand that there are a variety of ways to sell a used car. These include making a private sale, working with a dealership, or an auction group. We will cover each of those options later in this article. First, you should take the proper steps to get your classic car ready for sale.

Just because you have a classic car, does not mean it should be in worn condition. Top sellers prioritize the appearance and appearance of their cars. Furthermore, they conduct the proper research to know what their vehicle is worth. Before going further, take the time to prepare your car. More than ever before, buyers have several tools to find the exact vehicle they want. Therefore, your car needs to stand out if you hope to sell it quickly.

Research your Make and Model

Before selling your classic car, you will want to get a sense of the price your vehicle is worth. To do so, take advantage of the internet’s wealth of knowledge. Do your research and learn at what price other sellers have your car listed. It might also be a good idea to look more into historical prices for your car. Having a sense of how your car has been valued over time can give your valuable insights as a seller.

There are multiple ways to check how much your car is worth. One option is to simply use the Google search function. Find sellers, preferably in your area also selling your make and model. See how much they are asking and use that as a guideline to set your price. Other resources like Hagerty Valuation Tools can also help. This site searches the web for car listings and lets you compare prices on different models.

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Get you Classic Car in Top Shape

Unless you are lucky enough to have a mint condition vehicle, you will want to service your car before selling. As previously mentioned, competition can be tough for selling classic cars. Our best advice for selling a classic car is to make sure it stands out. Because it is so easy to compare options online, you will want to make sure yours is the best. Often, buyers will pay a higher price for a car in better condition.

When servicing your classic car before a sale, you will want to take it to expert service technicians. Choose a shop that can fit your car with classic parts. Detailing is also important, especially for vehicles that buyers will want as show pieces. To find service pros who specialize in foreign imports and luxury models, choose Cars Dawydiak’s body shop. We can get your car in the best possible shape thanks to our many years of experience.

Compare your Selling Options for a Classic Car

As a seller, you have multiple options. You can always list your car privately and find a buyer on your own. While this allows you to set your own price and keep the profit, there are challenges. Connecting with the right buyer can be difficult, as you will have to put time and money into advertising the vehicle yourself. Another option is to auction. However, this runs the risk of the car selling for less than you would like. Additionally, the auction site will still collect a cut of the sale.

To make selling easier, consider working with a dealership. Unless you have a connection worked out, it is likely a dealership will have a better network of potential buyers. All you have to do is find a trusted dealership with a quality reputation. Furthermore, you can see if the dealership offers consignment services. When you cosign your car, the dealer will do the hard work of marketing the vehicle. As a result, you can get your classic car sold quicker.

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Develop a Fair Asking Price for Your Vehicle

Once you have decided how you will sell your car, all you have left is to finalize the asking price. Remember that this will depend on how you will sell your vehicle. If you are selling privately, you can set whatever price you want. This gives you some freedom, although you may need to adjust the price. At the auction, you will likely need to set a lower price as a starting bid.

When you choose to work with a dealer, you can have a conversation with the sales team about the price. Selling to a dealership is often a good way to ensure you get a fair price. At Cars Dawydiak, you can even sell us your car, with no purchase necessary from you. Consignment is a convenient way to sell your car for a good price quickly. Just remember the dealership will charge an additional fee for the marketing of your classic vehicle.

Selling Your Vehicle at Cars Dawydiak

At Cars Dawydiak, we make selling your car easy. You can rely on us as we are one of San Francisco’s most trusted dealerships. We have everything you need including a highly capable servicing department and helpful sales associates.

Let our team handle the entire sales process and take the stress away from you. It begins with evaluating your vehicle. We then review your car’s available features and run a vehicle history report. After a quick road test, we will be ready to make an offer for your car. Lastly, we offer consignment services as well. Just fill out a quick online form with your vehicle’s information to start the process.

Sell Your Classic Car

Contact Cars Dawydiak today to Sell Your Classic vehicle

For a fast and easy way to sell your classic car, come to Cars Dawydiak. We specialize in sports cars from makers like Lotus, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. Furthermore, our inventory features great condition classic luxury vehicles. Contact Cars Dawydiak today to learn more about how we can help you sell your high-quality classic car.

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